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Friday, 25 July 2014

Saint Christopher. Feast Day 25 July.

Text (unless otherwise stated) is taken from The Saint Andrew Daily Missal,
which is available from ST. BONAVENTURE PRESS

Saint Christopher.
Feast Day 25 July.


Red Vestments.

Saint Christopher carrying The Christ Child.
Date: 1480-1490.
Museum Boymans-van Beuningen,
This File: 22 January 2007.
User: Alekjds.

Saint Christoper was a native of Chanaan. His name ("Who bears Christ") expresses his love of Jesus. A generous Soul, he walked like a giant in the Way of Virtue.

The Piety of our Fathers, inspired by this grand allegory, caused them to place a colossal statue of Saint Christopher at the entrance to Cathedrals. He was Martyred towards 250 A.D.

He is one of the "Fourteen Auxiliary Saints".

Mass: In virtúte.

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