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Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Sub Umbra Alarum Suarum Highlights Availability Of Camouflaged Birettas (MOD Express Interest) And New Liturgical Boutique (Just Opened).

The latest Australian Biretta.

There are unsubstantiated rumours that the MOD are extremely interested in the Camouflaged Birettas that have been highlighted on the excellent Blog, edited by Matthaeus, entitled

Matthaeus has discovered a wonderful Biretta resource Blog, entitled DOMUS BIRETTARUM
where a plethora of Birettas are available.

In addition, Matthaeus writes lucidly about the launch of a new Liturgical Boutique at another first-class Blog, entitled THE RAD TRAD

The Liturgical Boutique affords in-depth analysis and debate, between erudite aficionados of things Liturgical, and acts as a convenient meeting place for like-minds and curious on-lookers.

Besides the Camouflaged Birettas, mentioned above, there is also mention of Tartan Birettas, which may be of interest to Scottish Readers after the Independence Referendum in September 2014.

To read Matthaeus's riveting Article, why not pop over to SUB UMBRA ALARUM SUARUM and see what early Christmas Presents you can purchase for your local Parish Priest.


  1. Thanks for posting this link. I trust your wish list for clerical garb is developing well.

  2. You are very welcome, Matthaeus. I've heard a rumour (non-confirmed) that the MOD want 1,500 Camouflaged Birettas for the Aldershot and Catterick locations.

  3. A military chaplain friend of mine is seriously in the market for one!

  4. Thank You, The Rad Trad, for your Comment.

    Do let your Military Chaplain friend know of the DOMUS BIRETTARUM web-site at and let us all know how many Camouflaged Birettas he obtained.

    Was it just one or two, for himself, or 1,500 for the Regiment ?

    in Domino


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