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Saturday, 8 November 2014

Forty Hours' Devotion. Church Of The Holy Innocents, New York.

Text and Illustrations from THE SOCIETY OF ST. HUGH OF CLUNY
unless otherwise stated.

This coming weekend, from Friday, November 7th, 2014 at 6 pm through Sunday, November 9th, 2014 at 10:30 am, the Church of the Holy Innocents, in Manhattan, will have the 40 Hours' Devotion. (it will also be the First Friday All-Night Vigil).

The Mass of Exposition will be a Solemn Mass on Friday at 6 pm and it will be the Votive Mass of The Most Blessed Sacrament, accompanied by the Procession of The Blessed Sacrament inside the Church and by the singing of The Litanies of The Saints and other Prayers for all Ranks and Ways of Life in the Catholic Church.

We invite and encourage all to attend and Celebrate with us the news that The Church of The Holy Innocents will remain open, as well as to Pray before The Blessed Sacrament. This, of course, is a very pious and salutary Devotion that always brings great benefits for a Parish and those who participate in it. Please share the information with those who would like to attend.

The following Text and Illustrations are from THE CHURCH OF THE HOLY INNOCENTS

The Church of The Holy Innocents,
128 West 37th Street,
West of Broadway,
New York NY 10018

The Roman Catholic Church of The Holy Innocents is located in the Fashion Center, mid-town Manhattan. Founded in 1866, the mission of The Church is to be a Spiritual oasis in one of the busiest business districts in the world - Times/Herald Square.

The celebration of three daily Masses, including one daily Mass in the Tridentine Latin Rite, Confession, and Public Devotions, enable visitors time for personal and communal Prayer.
Fr. George W. Rutler is the Administrator of Holy Innocents.

Second Annual Forty Hours' Devotion

This Friday, November 7th, the First Friday of November, the Church of The Holy Innocents hosts its Second Annual Forty Hours' Devotion.

The Forty Hours' Devotion begins at 6:00 PM, Friday, with The Solemn Votive Mass of The Blessed Sacrament. The First Friday All Night Vigil will then continue as usual but without (1) Stations of The Cross, before Exposition and (2) the concluding Benediction and Mass at 5:00 AM.

The Forty Hours proceeds on Saturday with Exposition continuing until the afternoon Masses. The 1:00 PM Mass will be The Solemn Votive Mass for Peace.

The Forty Hours concludes on Sunday with The Solemn Votive Mass of
The Blessed Sacrament
(Coram Sanctissimo)
at 10:30 AM.

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