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Thursday, 18 December 2014


Illustration: BENEDICTUS

Benedictus Trust, a UK educational charity, is running a two-week residential Summer School in central London in August 2015, entitled “Foundational Aspects of European Culture” which covers philosophy, theology, history, history of art, Latin, literature and geometry. The course is open to 18-25 year olds. Students are taught through classroom-based discussion seminars and visit seminars to some of London’s top cultural sites conducted by expert professors. Students will also experience theatrical and musical performances that link to the subjects that they have been studying. The course introduces students to the thought and culture of Europe from the ancient world to the modern day with a strong focus on the importance of the Catholic intellectual tradition.

Illustration: BENEDICTUS

The Summer School runs from 2nd - 14th August and costs £1,400 for accommodation, tuition and entrance fees.

Spoken and written English to a high standard is required to join this course.

In September 2014,
the Board of Trustees announced that 
HMEH Fra' Matthew Festing,
the Prince and Grand Master of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta,
had agreed to be the first Patron of Benedictus Trust.
Illustration: BENEDICTUS

英國「本篤基金」Benedictus Trust是一所慈善教育機構,將於2015年8月在倫敦市,假耶穌會海斯羅珀學院 Heythrop College舉辦「歐洲文化基礎」暑期住院課程,為期兩周,涵蓋哲學、神學、歷史、藝術史、拉丁文、文學及幾何,招收18-25歲學生,由專家教授指導課堂研討及導覽倫敦文化勝地,並讓學員經驗與學科相關之劇藝音樂項目。本課程旨在引導學生認識歐洲古今思想文化,集中了解天主教學術傳統之重要地位。


費用,包括住宿,學費及報名費共:£1400 (臺仟肆伯圓英鎊詳情及報名細節 


Telephone: +44 0207 976 6072.

Write to us at 84 Cambridge Street, London, SW1V 4QQ,
United Kingdom. 

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