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Saturday, 7 March 2015

Red Sails In The Sunset. "The Torbay Lass". Last Of The Brixham Sailing Trawlers.

"The Torbay Lass"
(previously "The Kenya Jacaranda").

The lyrics to the well-known song "Red Sails In The Sunset"
were written on board "The Torbay Lass" in 1935.

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A campaign has been launched to save one of Devon’s most important historic ships from the breaker’s yard.

Launched in 1923, she is one of just six surviving Brixham Sailing Trawlers.

In recent years, the other five have been saved, restored and brought back to the town of Brixham, Devon. Now, the last, "Torbay Lass", is in danger and in urgent need of rescue.

All six of the surviving vessels are in The National Historic Fleet, the 200 vessels judged to be of pre-eminent significance in terms of maritime heritage, and meriting high priority in terms of conservation.

The Charity, which is the vessel’s current owner, has appealed for help to “Save Torbay Lass”. It has been unable to maintain her and the Port Authorities at Tilbury, Essex, where she is kept, have said she must be removed by the end of April.

Mick Shirley, Chairman of the Charity, says: “We are desperate. Unless a new owner can be found and extensive repairs carried out, she will be lost. It would be wonderful if she could be moved back to Devon, where local interest would be greater and her survival assured.”

The Community Campaign, involving various groups with maritime heritage interests, is being supported by the Conservative MP for Totnes, Dr. Sarah Wollaston, and Torbay’s Mayor, Gordon Oliver, among others.

" "Torbay Lass" is an iconic part of Britain’s maritime heritage,” says Struan Coupar of The Trinity Sailing Foundation, one of the groups involved.

"Red Sails In The Sunset".
Sung by
The Platters.
Available on YouTube at

"Torbay Lass" was built by R Jackman & Sons, in 1923, and fished under sail until 1938. Converted to a yacht in 1939 and subsequently renamed “Kenya Jacaranda”, she was used as a sail training vessel for more than half a century, from 1952 until 2006.

Withdrawn from service because of her deteriorating condition, she sank at her mooring in Tilbury docks in 2010, but was re-floated.

"Torbay Lass" is one of just a handful of Brixham Sailing Trawlers to survive in U.K. waters, out of a fleet once numbered in hundreds.

Like the other survivors, she is part of The National Historic Fleet, the vessels judged to be of major importance in terms of maritime heritage. They include HMS Victory, Cutty Sark and SS Great Britain.

The Brixham Sailing Trawler was a legendary class of working boat, the foundation for a vast British trawling industry that grew up in the 19th-Century. The design, developed in Devon, became the standard for Deep-Sea Trawling throughout Europe.

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Jacaranda is a genus of forty-nine species of flowering plants in the family Bignoniaceae, native to tropical and sub-tropical regions of Central America, South America, Cuba, Hispaniola, Jamaica and the Bahamas. It has been planted widely in Asia, especially in Nepal. It has been introduced to most tropical and sub-tropical regions. The genus name is also used as the common name.

The name is believed to be of Guarani origin, meaning "fragrant". The word "Jacaranda" was described in "A Supplement to Mr. Chambers's Cyclopædia", 1st edition (1753), as "a name given by some authors to the tree, the wood of which is the log-wood, used in dyeing and in medicine" and as being of Tupi-Guarani origin, by way of Portuguese.

Flowering Jacaranda.
Jacaranda cuspidifolia (= Jacaranda chapadensis) -
Bignoniaceae Jardim Botânico de Brasília - Distrito Federal - Brasil.
Photo: 24 October 2010.
Source: Jacaranda cuspidifolia.
Author: João Medeiros.
(Wikimedia Commons)

A Church, in Wooroolin (population 164), Queensland, Australia,
framed by Jacaranda Trees in bloom.
Photo: Taken by User:Rossrs, 22 October 2005.
Source: Transferred from en.wikipedia;
transferred to Commons by User:Переход Артур using CommonsHelper.
Author: Original uploader was Rossrs at en.wikipedia.
(Wikimedia Commons)

Jacaranda trees in full bloom.
Photo: 29 September 2012.
Source: Own work.
Author: Illusive255.
(Wikimedia Commons)

"Red Sails In The Sunset".
Sung by
Bing Crosby.
Available on YouTube at

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