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Saturday, 13 June 2015

Trooping The Colour. 13 June 2015.

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The Queen's Birthday Parade, also known as Trooping The Colour,
Horse Guards Parade, London, June 2013.
More than a thousand soldiers and horses from The Household Division paraded in front of their Colonel-in-Chief, Her Majesty The Queen, with the immaculate precision, colour
and pageantry that marks them as truly World Class.
Photo: 15 June 2013.
Author: Corporal Paul Shaw.
Attribution: Attribution: Photo: Corporal Paul Shaw/MOD.
(Wikimedia Commons)

Trooping The Colour,
June 2013.
Available on YouTube at

Trooping The Colour is a ceremony performed by Regiments of The British and Commonwealth Armies. It has been a tradition of British Infantry Regiments since the 17th-Century, although the roots go back much earlier. On Battlefields, a Regiment's Colours, or Flags, were used as Rallying Points. Consequently, Regiments would have their Ensigns slowly march with their Colours, between the Soldiers' Ranks, to enable Soldiers to recognise their Regiments' Colours.

Since 1748, Trooping The Colour has also marked the Official Birthday of The British Sovereign. It is held in London annually, on a Saturday in June, on Horse Guards Parade, by St. James's Park, and coincides with the publication of The Birthday Honours List. Among the audience are the Royal Family, invited guests, ticketholders and the general public. The colourful ceremony, also known as "The Queen's Birthday Parade", is broadcast live by the BBC.

The Queen travels down The Mall, from Buckingham Palace, in a Royal Procession, with a Sovereign's Escort of Household Cavalry (Mounted Troops, or, Horse Guards). After receiving a Royal Salute, she inspects her Troops of The Household Division, both Foot Guards and Horse Guards, and The King's Troop, Royal Horse Artillery.

Each year, one of The Foot-Guards Regiments is selected to Troop its Colour through the Ranks of Guards. Then the entire Household Division assembly conducts a March-Past in front of The Queen, who receives a Salute from The Saluting Base. Parading with its Guns, The King's Troop takes precedence as The Mounted Troops perform a Walk-March and Trot-Past.

The Music is provided by The Massed Bands of The Foot Guards and The Mounted Bands of The Household Cavalry, together with a Corps of Drums, and, occasionally, Pipers, totalling approximately 400 Musicians.

Returning to Buckingham Palace, The Queen watches a further March-Past from outside the Gates. Following a 41-Gun Salute by The King's Troop, in Green Park, she leads The Royal Family on to The Palace Balcony for a Royal Air Force Fly-Past.

On Saturday, 13 June 2015, Trooping The Colour is shown live on BBC1 TELEVISION
at 1030 hrs.


  1. Ad multos annos:
    Vivat Regina!

    1. Thank you, Matthaeus.

      Vivat Regina, indeed !

  2. Real blood stirring stuff! But so is Wales 1 Belgium 0

    1. Thank you, John, for your welcome Comment.

      Blood stirring stuff, it is !

      Keeps The Regiments together, as you know.

      A Very Happy Birthday, Your Majesty.

      And, as for Wales beating Belgium (an excellent team, by the way), it's wonderful news. It's time they earned a trip to a big-time Tournament and, now, they are nearly there.

      I think the last time they qualified for a major Tournament was for The World Cup in Sweden, in 1958, and Jack Kelsey was the goalkeeper !!!

      You are probably too young to remember, John !!!


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