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Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Saint Mary Magdalen. Penitent. Feast Day, Today, 22 July.

There is an excellent Article, on Saint Mary Magdalen,

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Saint Mary Magdalen.
Feast Day 22 July.


White Vestments.

English: The Penitent Magdalene.
Español: Magdalena penitente.
Artist: Domenico Tintoretto (1560–1635).
Date: 1598-1602.
Current location: Capitoline Museums, Rome, Italy.
Source/Photographer: Google Art Project: Home - Pic. Maximum resolution.
(Wikimedia Commons)

When He gave The Holy Ghost to The Apostles, Jesus had told them to remit sins, as He had done, and, today, The Liturgy recalls the ever-memorable example of The Saviour's Mercy towards repentant sinners.

Mary, the sister of Martha and Lazarus, was of Magdala, in Galilee, whence her name of "Magdalen". She was a sinner.

Touched by Grace, she threw herself at the feet of The Saviour. Simon the Pharisee, scandalised, would have repelled her like the haughty men mentioned by the Prophet Isaias, who say: "Away from me, approach me not, for I am pure." [Eighth Lesson at Matins.]

Jesus, on the contrary, "defends her against the calumnies of the proud" (Communion). Admiring the work of Divine Grace in this Soul "henceforth attentive to His commandments, whilst sinful men would still have her fall into sin" (Introit), He mercifully "accepts the offer of her service" (Secret), and secures to her for ever a place of honour in His Royal Court (Offertory). Repentance has transformed her love. "Because she had loved much, many sins are forgiven her" (Gospel). Indeed, it was at her Prayer that Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead (Collect).

And when, after The Crucifixion of Jesus, at which she was present in greatest sorrow and weariness, she seeks, like the spouse in the Canticle (Epistle), where they have laid her Divine Lord; Christ calls her by name and commands her to announce His Resurrection to The Disciples. Wherefore, The Creed is recited on this day as in The Masses of The Apostles.

Following the example of Magdalen, which, according to The Fathers, represents the service of The Church towards Jesus, let us, in a spirit of love and repentance, pour out the treasure of our praises to Jesus, present in The Holy Eucharist (Secret); let us surround Him on the Altar, in a spirit of Faith which does not fear the Pharisaic scandal, with all the splendour which becomes The House of God.

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