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Monday, 10 August 2015

Ecclesiastical Architecture And Decoration. Chancel Screens And Rood Lofts. Augustus Welby Pugin. Excellent Bed-Time Reading.

Illustration: AMAZON

Illustration: AMAZON


  1. You little 'divil' ... my copy arrives tomorrow

    1. Top'o' the morning to you, John.

      My Copy of "The Present State . . . " arrived, today.

      My Copy of "Chancel Screens And Rood Lofts" arrives, tomorrow.

      Always a good thing to learn more about Mr. Pugin, I think.

      I'm going to be a massive "Hit" at Dinner Parties for the next six months !!!

      Hope you find your copies a riveting read.


  2. The Present State of Ecclesiastical Architecture in England and Some Remarks Relative to Ecclesiastical Architecture and Decoration.

    ................arrived today .......

    on the heels of 'The Present State.....'

  3. Delighted you've got your Copies, John.

    Good night-time reading and, I respectfully suggest, food for thought for possible new "gravings" by you, (when you've got nothing else to do).

    Perhaps a pencil-sketch of a "Simlett Rood-Screen" ?


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