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Friday, 7 August 2015

"Parce Mihi Domine". "Spare Me, O Lord". Hauntingly Beautiful.

"Parce Mihi Domine". "Spare me, O Lord". 
Beautiful hauntingly. 
Spanish Composer: Christopher De Morales (1500-1553).

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Cristobal de Morales,
by Angelo Rossi.
The print is from the original The Andrea Adami 's Osservazioni per il ben regolare choir Cappella dei della Pontifical cantori. Catalogue 'nomi, Cognomi, and homeland i cantori Pontifici (Rome, 1711).
Date: 18th-Century.
Source: Dejiny hudby II. Renesance, p. 231.
Author: Angelo Rossi.
(Wikimedia Commons)

Cristobal de Morales (1500 - 1553) was a  Spanish  composer of the  Renaissance  and is Generally Considered to be the Most Influential Spanish composer before Victoria.

He was born in  Seville , Spain, and, after an exceptional early education there, Which included a Rigorous training in the classics, as well as musical study With some of the foremost composers, I have held posts at  Ávila  and  Plasencia .

Parce mihi Domine.
Cristobal de Morales (1500-1553).
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Parce mihi Domine
(Job  7:16 -21)  

Parce mihi Domine, nihil enim sunt dies mei.
Quid est homo, quia magnificent eum?
Aut quid apponis erga cor tuum eum?
Cum diluculo visits, et subito probas illum.
I usquequo non michi parcis, nec dimittas me, ut glutiam salivam meam?
Peccavi.  Faciam quid tibi, or custos hominum?
Quare posuisti contrarium tibi me, et factus sum michimet ipsi gravis?
Cur non tollis peccatum meum, et quare non aufers iniquitatem meam?
Pulvere dormio in ecce nunc,  et si me quesieris mane, non subsistam.

Spare me O Lord for my days are nothing.
What is man, That thou magnifiest him:
or why settest thou thy heart toward him?
Thou dost visit him early in the morning,
And suddenly thou provest him. 
How long dost thou not spare me,
nor suffer me, That I swallow my spittle?
I have sinned. What shall I do to thee, O keeper of men?
Why hast thou set I contrary to thee, 
and I am become burdensome to myself? 
Why dost thou not take away my sin,
and why dost thou not take away mine iniquity?
Shall behold now I sleep in the dust,
and if thou seek me in the morning, 
I shall not be.



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