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Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Can Your Parish Congregations Sing With As Much Dedication And Joy ?

Illustration: FR RAY BLAKE'S BLOG

The Samoan World Cup Rugby Team all attended Fr. Ray Blake's Church in Brighton, Sussex, England, on Sunday, 13 September 2015. The Rugby Team turned up at Saint Mary Magdalen Church and sang a beautiful Hymn in the Samoan language, which prompted delight among the rest of the Congregation.

They sang after Mass, It was impressive to see so many devout young men, who think worshipping God on a Sunday morning is just a normal manly thing to do. God Bless them

We wish the Samoan World Cup Rugby Team every success in the forthcoming World Cup. They are a credit to their Pacific Island Nation.

YOU tell them one of their team was singing out of tune !!!
The Samoan World Cup Rugby Team pose for a photograph outside Fr. Ray Blake's
Saint Mary Magdalen Church, Brighton, Sussex, England.
Illustration: FR RAY BLAKE'S BLOG

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