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Monday, 21 September 2015

There Are None So Blind Than Those Who Will Not See.


The beautiful and magnificent Sacred Heart Chapel,
Broughton Hall, near Skipton, Yorkshire, England.
One of the Parishioners states that The Sanctuary Lamp, pictured above, dates from the 1600s. The story goes that, in the 1700s, when Catholic Churches were being discovered and ransacked, a cart arrived in the dead of night from London, containing items rescued from a Church which had been destroyed. The Sanctuary Lamp was one of the objects that arrived that evening.

The following Text is taken from FR HUNWICKE'S MUTUAL ENRICHMENT
" Fr Brown, at Steeple Aston, probably also got hassled about his Churchmanship. As late as World War II, his successor was accused of being an enemy agent and of deliberately subverting the blackout regulations . . . by keeping a light burning before The Blessed Sacrament ! "

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