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Sunday, 22 November 2015

Stir Up Sunday.

Text from FR. Z's BLOG

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Today, 22 November, is The Last Sunday of The Church’s Liturgical Year. It is therefore . . .


The “Stir Up” comes from the first words of the Traditional Collect in The Roman Rite. It also comes from the Tradition of stirring up the ingredients of The Christmas Pudding !

What are your plans for Christmas Pudding ?

The more important question is: What are MY plans for Christmas Pudding.

I must give this some thought.


Since I will be moving to a new dwelling in the near future, I have been going through things.

I found a Christmas Pudding from TWO YEARS AGO, tucked away for ageing.

I would say that it is sufficiently Seasoned.


Will it be lethal?

If not, maybe I won’t make one.

I invite input, especially from experts in Blighty.

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