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Saturday, 12 December 2015

Fifth Day Within The Octave Of The Feast Of The Immaculate Conception. 12 December.

Text from The Saint Andrew Daily Missal,
unless otherwise stated.

Fifth Day within The Octave
      of The Feast of The Immaculate Conception.
12 December.


White Vestments.

The Immaculate Conception.
Artist: Peter Paul Rubens (1577–1640).
Date: 1628.
English: Work belonging to the Madrid Prado Museum photographed during the exhibition « Rubens et son Temps » (Rubens and His Times) at the Museum of Louvre-Lens.
Français: Œuvre appartenant au musée du Prado de Madrid photographiée lors de l’exposition temporaire « Rubens et son Temps » au musée duLouvre-Lens.
Deutsch: Arbeiten gehören in der " Rubens et son Temps " (Ausstellung Rubens und seine Zeit) im Museum von Louvre-Lens fotografiert.
Español: Trabaja perteneciente a fotografiado durante la exposición de " Rubens et son Temps " (Rubens y su época) en el Museo de Louvre-Lens.
Current location: Prado Museum, Madrid, Spain.
Source/Photographer: User:Jean-Pol GRANDMONT (2013).
(Wikimedia Commons)

To show that The Mother of Jesus occupies a special place in her worship, The Church reserves for her a Preface, which is said at each of her Feasts, and in which are noted, at each particular Feast, the different Mysteries of The Life of Mary.

Wherefore, during all this Octave, the Priest declares "that it is fitting and salutary to render thanks to God on this Feast of The Immaculate Conception of Blessed Mary Ever Virgin, who conceived His only Son by the operation of The Holy Ghost and who, without losing her Virginity, gave birth to Jesus Christ Our Lord."

Let us give thanks to God for this privilege off The Immaculate Conception and also for The Feast, which celebrates it each year, allowing us to imitate more and more this model of all purity.

Mass: As on The Feast of The Immaculate Conception.
Second Collect: Of The Feria.
Third Collect: Of The Holy Ghost.
Creed: On account of The Feast of The Immaculate Conception.
Preface: Of The Blessed Virgin Mary.



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