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Thursday, 3 December 2015

Rings Of Saturn And Enceladus.

This Article can be read in full at NASA

The Rings of Saturn, in the foreground, and Saturn's Moon, Enceladus, in the background.
Although The Rings of Saturn and Enceladus are largely made up of water ice, they show very different characteristics. Saturn's Small Ring particles are too tiny to retain internal heat
and have no way to get warm, so they are frozen and geologically dead.
Enceladus, on the other hand, is subject to forces that heat its Interior to this very day.
This results in its famous South Polar water jets, which are just visible above
the Moon’s dark, Southern limb, along with a sub-surface ocean.
Illustration: NASA

Do you ever get the feeling that maybe, just maybe,
possibly even, there might be a higher authority than man ?

If there isn't, I'd like to know who designed this
arrangement in infinitesimal Space (see photo, above).

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