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Sunday, 21 February 2016

Black Cat.

Black Cat Cigarettes
(Plain Cigarettes. English Version.)
This File: 12 February 2007,
User: Ivanp.

Black Cat Cigarettes were first introduced in The United Kingdom by Carreras Ltd. in 1904. The brand was named for a Black Cat that consistently used to sleep in the window of Carreras' Wardour Street, London, shop; its appearance was so regular, that passers-by used to refer to the business as 'The Black Cat Shop'.

The Black Cat brand was a pacesetter in the British tobacco market. Besides being among the first machine-made Cigarettes to be sold, it was also a pioneering coupon brand. The brand hit its peak in the 1920s, and although Cigarette coupons came to an end in Britain in 1934, it still continued to include collectible Cigarette Cards.

Black Cat Cigarettes were withdrawn from sale during The Second World War. They briefly were brought back in 1957, but, due to customer demand for Filtered Cigarettes, it disappeared from the market a couple of years later. They were brought back one more time, this time with a Filter Tip, beginning in 1976, and Black Cat Cigarettes continued to be sold in Britain until 1993.

Black Cat Enamel Stove Polish Products, USA (1920):

Illustration: PINTEREST

Poster by Theodore Steinlein, a French artist in the Art Nouveau era:

Black Cat.
Poster by Theodore Steinlein,
a French Artist in The Art Nouveau era
Illustration: PINTEREST

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