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Thursday, 18 February 2016

Pontifical High Latin Mass In Honour Of Saint Ethelbert. 1400th Anniversary Of The First Christian English King.

Saint Ethelbert with Christ, depicted in a Stained-Glass Window
at Saint Ethelbert's Church, Alby, Norfolk, England.
Date: 7 November 2010 (original upload date).
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Bishop Athanasius Schneider O.R.C.
Celebrating Traditional Latin Mass
in Tallinn, Estonia.
Date: 10 December 2009.
Source: Own work.
Author: Marko Tervaportti.
(Wikimedia Commons)

The Shrine of Saint Augustine,
72 Hereson Road,
Ramsgate, Kent CT11 7DS.
Telephone: 01843 592071.
More Information: AUGUSTINE SHRINE

Gregorian Chant
and Music by Palestrina
and Thomas Tallis.

Music provided thanks to

Bishop Athanasius Schneider will Celebrate
a Pontifical High Latin Mass
in honour of Saint Ethelbert (on his 1400th Anniversary)
at The Shrine of Saint Augustine,
Ramsgate, Kent,
on Tuesday, 23 February 2016,
at 7 p.m.

The following Text is from Wikipedia - the free encyclopaedia.

Æthelberht (Old English: Æðelbrihte), also called Saint Ethelbert the King, (died 20 May 794 A.D., at Sutton Walls, Herefordshire) was an 8th-Century A.D. Saint and a King of East Anglia, the Anglo-Saxon Kingdom which today includes the English Counties of Norfolk and Suffolk.

Little is known of his Reign, which may have begun in 779 A.D., according to later sources, and very few of the coins issued during his Reign have been discovered. It is known from the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle that he was killed on the orders of Offa of Mercia in 794 A.D.

He was subsequently Canonised and became the focus of cults in East Anglia and at Hereford, where the Shrine of the Saintly King once existed. In the absence of historical facts, Mediaeval Chroniclers provided their own details for Æthelberht's ancestry, life as King and death at the hands of Offa. His Feast Day is 20 May. Several Norfolk, Suffolk and West Country Parish Churches are Dedicated to the Saint.

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