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Ave Maria. Olga Szyrowa (Soprano). 2004. Pasja / The Passion Of The Christ. How Not To Love You, Maria (Diana Navarro - "Mare Mine" In Latin And Spanish).

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The Passion Of The Christ.

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Available on YouTube at

Ave Maria.
Olga Szyrowa (Soprano).
Pasja / The Passion of the Christ.
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The Most Beautiful "Ave Maria".
(Michal Lorenc, 1995).
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Ave Maria - Olga Szyrowa (Sopran) (M.Lorenc) ścieżka dźwiękowa z film - Prowokator Fragmenty z filmu Mela Gibsona - Pasja / Passion of the Christ, The (2004).

Ave Maria performed by the Russian opera singer, Olga Szyrowa.

The soundtrack comes from the Polish movie, Prowokator (1995).

Composer of all songs for the movie is Michał Lorenc.

How not to love you, Maria.
(Diana Navarro - "Mare mine" in Latin and Spanish).
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Pasja Miłości - Beata Bednarz 
zdjecia z filmu " PASJA "
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