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Friday, 29 April 2016

Saint Peter Of Verona. Martyr. Feast Day, Today, 29 April.

Text from The Saint Andrew Daily Missal,
unless otherwise stated.

Saint Peter of Verona.
Feast Day 29 April.


Red Vestments.

English: Saint Peter the Martyr.
Artist: Pedro Berruguete (1450–1504).
Date: Circa 1493.
Current location: Prado Museum, Madrid, Spain.
Source/Photographer: Galería online
(Wikimedia Commons)

Born at Verona, Italy, towards 1205, from Manichean parents, Saint Peter, as a child, opposed the heretics. He entered The Order of Saint Dominic. He preserved such purity of body and Soul that he never committed a Mortal Sin.

We read in The Bull of his Canonisation: "A chosen cluster from the Vine of The Church has filled with its generous juice The Royal Chalice: The Branch, from which it has been cut by the sword, was of those which most strongly adhered to The Divine Stem" (Gospel).

The ardour of his Faith so enflamed him that he wished to die for it and his Prayer was heard. "As he lived piously in Christ, it was necessary that he should be persecuted" (Epistle) and an impious assassin, sent by the Manichees, murdered him on the road from Como to Milan in 1252.

Let us ask God to grant us, through the merits of Saint Peter, a Faith so strong (Collect) that it may obtain for us, after all the adversities of this life (Postcommunion), the joys of The Resurrection (Epistle, Communion).

Mass: Protexisti.

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Saint Peter of Verona O.P. (1206 – 6 April 1252), also known as Saint Peter Martyr, was a 13th-Century Italian Catholic Priest. He was a Dominican Friar and a celebrated Preacher. He served as Inquisitor in Lombardy, was killed by an assassin, and was Canonised as a Catholic Saint eleven months after his death, making this the fastest Canonisation in history.

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