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Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Railway Wonders Of The World. First Issue, February 1935.

The London Midland and Scottish Locomotive "Princess Royal" is shown at speed on
Part One of Railway Wonders Of The World, published on Friday, 1 February 1935, price 7d.

MODERN ARCHITECTURE is seen at its best in these pictures of The Cincinnati Union Railway Terminus at Cincinnati, USA. The mighty arch of the exterior is admirably set off by the terraces with their tall columns and the fountains playing in the foreground.

The magnificent entrance hall, with its range of shops and splendid mural frescoes depicting railway development is shown, below Right. This great Station is used by all the Railroads which serve the City of Cincinnati.

567 FEET IN HEIGHT, the mammoth New York Central Building houses the Administration Offices of The New York Central Railroad. This mighty structure, straddling Park Avenue, lies to the rear of The Grand Central Terminus, and traffic goes directly through the building. The Trains, all electrically hauled, run beneath the railed-in lawns shown in the foreground. This skyscraper, though not the highest, is one of the most imposing in New York, and comprises thirty-four stories, dwarfing the great buildings to its Right and Left.

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