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Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Saint Gordian And Saint Epimachus. Martyrs. Feast Day 10 May.

Text from The Saint Andrew Daily Missal,
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Saints Gordian and Epimachus.
Feast Day 10 May.


Red Vestments.

Nuremberg chronicles f 132v 4.jpg

Saint Gordian and Saint Epimachus.
Deutsch: Illustration aus der Schedel'schen Weltchronik, Blatt 132 verso.
English: Illustration from the Nuremberg Chronicle.
Illustration from The Nuremberg Chronicle.
Date: 1493.
Source: Scan from original book.
Author: Michel Wolgemut, Wilhelm Pleydenwurff (Text: Hartmann Schedel).
(Wikimedia Commons)

Saint Gordian, a Roman Judge, was Converted by a Holy Priest, whom Julian The Apostate would have liked him to condemn.

Saint Gordian was Martyred towards 360 A.D., and was buried in the Crypt where already lay the remains of the Martyr Saint Epimachus (+ 250 A,D,), brought from Alexandria.

Mass: Sancti tui.


English: The Martyrdom of Saint Gordian (Gordianus).
Français: Martyre de saint Gordien (Martyrdom of Saint Gordian, Gordianus). Cote : Français 185 , Fol. 231v. Vies de saints, France, Paris, XIVe siècle, Richard de Montbaston et collaborateurs.
(Wikimedia Commons)

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Saints Gordianus and Epimachus were Roman Martyrs, who are Commemorated on 10 May.

Gordianus was a Roman Judge, who converted to Christianity. He was tortured and finally beheaded. His body was laid in a Crypt on the Via Latina, Rome, beside the body of Saint Epimachus, and the two Saints gave their name to the Cemetery of Gordianus and Epimachus. They are jointly Venerated by The Catholic Church with a Feast Day of 10 May in The Tridentine Calendar.

There are Churches Dedicated to the Saints in:

Aitrach, Germany;
Legau, Germany;
Merazhofen, Germany;
Pleß, Germany;
Stöttwang, Germany;
Unterroth, Germany;
Blevio, Italy.

Relics of both Saints were owned by Kempten Abbey in Bavaria.

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