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Sunday, 29 May 2016

Saint Mary Magdalen Dei Pazzi. Virgin. Feast Day, Today, 29 May.

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Saint Mary Magdalen dei Pazzi.
Feast Day 29 May.


White Vestments.

Saint Mary Magdalen dei Pazzi.
Date: 1878.
Source: Scanned by uploader from page 296 of
"Little Pictorial Lives Of The Saints", (Benzinger Brothers).
Author: Unknown.
(Wikimedia Commons)

Born at Florence, Italy, in 1566, of the illustrious Pazzi family, Saint Mary Magdalen dei Pazzi, at the age of ten, Consecrated her Virginity to Christ, Whom she chose as her Spouse (Epistle, Gospel, Communion). Wherefore, God loved her with a love of preference (Introit), and made her one of the Virgins who form His Court of Honour (Offertory).

She took The Carmelite Habit in 1584 and subjected herself to frightful mortifications. The Holy Ghost, Who, from Heaven, sent Jesus Risen Again to her, inflamed her with such love that she had to pour fresh water on her burning breast.

She would bitterly deplore that the infidels and sinners were in the way to perdition and offered to endure any torments for their salvation.

Her motto was: "Suffer and not die." She died in 1607 and her body, which she mortified in every way, has remained incorrupt to our day.

Mass: Dilexisti.

Vision of Saint Maria Magdalen dei Pazzi.
Artist: Pedro de Moya (1610–1674).
Date: Early-17th-Century.
Source/Photographer: Web Gallery of Art:
(Wikimedia Commons)

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Mary Magdalene de' Pazzi, O.Carm. (Italian: Maria Maddalena de' Pazzi), 2 April 1566 – 25 May 1607, was an Italian Carmelite Nun and Mystic. She has been declared a Saint by The Roman Catholic Church.

In 1580, at age fourteen, Pazzi was sent by her father to be educated at a Monastery of Nuns of The Order of Malta, but she was soon recalled to wed a young nobleman. She advised her father of her vow, and he eventually relented and allowed her to enter Monastic Life. She chose The Carmelite Monastery of Saint Mary of The Angels, in Florence, Italy, because The Rule there allowed her to receive Holy Communion daily. In 1583, she was accepted as a Novice by that Community, and given the Religious Name of Sister Mary Magdalen.

Numerous Miracles allegedly followed Pazzi's death, and the process for her Beatification was begun in 1610 under Pope Paul V, and completed under Pope Urban VIII in 1626. She was not, however, Canonised until sixty-two years after her death, when Pope Clement X raised her to The Altars on 28 April 1669. The Church of The Monastery of Pažaislis, commissioned in 1662 in Lithuania, was one of the first to be Consecrated in her honour.

The Saint is little known outside Italy, but her cult is very strong, especially in Florence. Paulist Press issued a selection of her writings in English translation in their series of Classics of Western Spirituality.

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