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Thursday, 2 June 2016

Heart-Warming Moment When A Baby Toddler Cries At Seeing Her Unborn Baby Sister's Scan. "I Miss Her. I Love Her So Much," Says Two-Year-Old.

Heart-warming moment when a toddler sees her unborn sister for the first time.
Available on YouTube at

Mum Carly (left) filmed her daughter Myla's (right) reaction
to seeing her little sister for the first time.

A mum, expecting her second child, has captured the adorable moment when her two-year-old daughter first saw an ultrasound scan of her little sister.

The home video shows young Myla I'Anson, kissing and hugging the TV screen as she watches her unborn sibling wriggling around in her mother's womb.

And then things get really emotional as Myla bursts into tears and mum Carly tries to comfort her.

Myla mumbles that she "loves" her baby sister and "misses" her.

"'Oh, darling, it's OK . . . you're going to see her soon," Myla's mother says from behind the camera in a bid to comfort the toddler.

Wiping tears from her eyes, Myla sobs:"But I love her so much."

The heartwarming video has gone viral since it was uploaded last week, amassing more than 55,000 views on Facebook and nearly 40,000 on YouTube.

Carly went to have her sixteen-week scan last week, and was filming the video on her phone to show it to her family when Myla started hugging the screen and crying.

Carly's second baby is due on 4 November 2016 and the expectant mother said Myla is "very excited" to meet her sister.

She continued: "She’s already decided she's going to give up her dummies to give them to her. She's keeping and saving lots of things and toys to give to her when she's born.

"She's also decided we have to call her Snow White. It was Aurora last week, so we’ll probably have to name her Ariel or Elsa next week."

He added: "We did have a chat about how she'd react if we were having a boy but it just would’ve meant that he'd have to play princesses with her at some point in his life."

The Society For The Protection Of Unborn Children (SPUC) has a Web-Site, HERE

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