Saturday, 9 July 2016

Solemn High Mass Of Saint Cecilia. The Church Of Saint Eugène, Paris.

The High Altar,
Church of Saint Eugene,
Paris, France.
Illustration: LITURGIA

Solemn High Mass of Saint Cecilia.
Music by Charles Gounod.
The Solemnity of Saint Cecilia,
23 November 2014.
Available on YouTube at

The Nave
Church of Saint Eugene,
Paris, France.
Illustration:  LITURGIA

Catholic Parish of Saint Eugene 
Paroisse Catholique Saint-Eugène - Sainte Cécile

Latin Liturgy 

4, rue du Conservatoire 
75009 Paris, France.

Masses: Sundays and Feast Days at 11 a.m.
Vespers: On Great Feast Days.
The Parish Website:
The Parish Clergy Web-Site: 
Website Tridentine Parish of Ceremonies:
http :. // Ceremoniestridentines-sainteugene

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