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Friday, 2 September 2016

Kent Firemen Help Guide Dogs Prepare For A Life Of Service.

The Guide Dogs meet Firefighters for the first time.

This Article can be read in full at KENT FIRE AND RESCUE SERVICE

Ashford Fire Station, Kent, welcomed visitors of a different kind this week, as the Charity "The Guide Dogs" brought in ten of their pups in-training for some unique experiences.

Puppy walkers and Guide Dog trainers, from Ashford and surrounding areas, took their pups, including some experienced and some at the very early stages of training, to the Henwood, Ashford Fire Station, on Tuesday, 29 August, to experience the sights and sounds they will come across when they become working Guide Dogs.

Puppy Training Supervisor for The Guide Dogs in South Kent and East Sussex, Jay Taylor, said: “We’re so grateful to the Fire Crews in Ashford and to Kent Fire and Rescue Service. It’s such a great opportunity to help prepare our puppies for the real world. Good socialisation is crucial for each dog to succeed in training, and for when they’re placed with their new visually-impaired owners.”

The Guide Dog visitors and Ashford, Kent, Fire Crews.

The unique visitors to Ashford Fire Station come every six months, as part of the ongoing training programme, and have done for the last couple of years. A similar programme is about to start in North Kent and East Kent in the coming months.

The Fire Station Green Watch Manager, Andy Harris, who organises the training visit in Ashford, said: “The Crew thoroughly enjoy having the pups here. It’s a great opportunity to help such a crucial service in our community in providing their new recruits with a good grounding. We have some loud vehicles and can certainly help the pups get ready for a life of service, just like our Firefighters - it’s a great synergy.”

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