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Saturday, 10 September 2016

Vigils. Votive Masses. Ferias.

Text from The Saint Andrew Daily Missal,
unless stated otherwise.


Vigils, or Eves, are a preparation, by a Special Office, for the Celebration of the next day's Feast. 

They are Days of Penance, The Office is often long, and Violet Vestments are usually worn.

They are Classified as follows:

A.   Privileged Vigils.
(1).   Of The First-Class, as The Vigils of Christmas and Pentecost,
which do not give place to any Feast.
(2)   Of The Second-Class, as The Vigil of The Epiphany, which only admits Feasts of First- and Second-Class of Our Lord.

B.   Ordinary Vigils.
As of The Apostles, etc.


Votive Masses, which may be said on certain Feast Days of Semi-Double Rite or Simple Rite and on certain Ferias, have been instituted to meet the wishes of The Faithful and satisfy Private Devotion.

The ordinary Votive Masses, as also the Ordinary Masses for The Dead,
may not be said on Greater Ferias, except on those of Advent.


Ferias are Week Days on which no Feast of a Saint is kept.

Ember Days, Rogation Days, and every Feria in Lent, have a Special Mass. On other Ferias, The Mass of The Preceding Sunday is said.

Some Ferias are called Greater Ferias, and are divided into two Classes:

A.   Privileged Ferias.
Ash Wednesday, and The First Three Days of Holy Week.
These Ferias do not give place to a Feast.

B.   Non-Privileged Ferias.
Those of Advent and Lent, The Ember Days, and The Monday of Rogation Week.
A Commemoration is always made of them on Feast Days,
and their Gospel is read at the end of Mass.

On the Ferias of Lent (after Ash Wednesday) and those in Passiontide (before Palm Sunday),
The Ember Days (not those in Pentecost Week), on Monday of Rogation Week, and on
Ordinary Vigils, if a Greater-Double, Double, or Semi-Double Feast is kept, it is allowed in
Private Masses to say The Mass of The Feria, or of The Vigil, with a Commemoration of
The Feast, or The Mass of The Feast, with a Commemoration and Last Gospel of The Feria or Vigil.

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