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Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Saint Peter Of Alcantara. Confessor. Feast Day, Today, 19 October.

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Saint Peter Of Alcantara.
Feast Day 19 October.


White Vestments.

English: Saint Peter of Alcantara.
Polski: Witraż przedstawiający św. Piotra z Alkantary w kościele franciszkanów
w Waszyngtonie. Zdjęcie autora hasła o św. Piotrze z Alkantary w polskiej Wikipedii. 2006 rok.
Date: 8 October 2006 (original upload date).
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Born at Alcantara, Spain, of noble parents, Peter distributed his fortune in alms (Gospel) and, at the age of sixteen, entered The Seraphic Order of Saint Francis.

A very rigid observer of the primitive Franciscan Rule, he led a most austere life. His great Devotion to The Passion of Jesus inspired him with an extraordinary love of Penance.

He died in 1562, and, appearing to Saint Teresa of Avila, he said to her: "O Blessed Penance, which has earned for me such great glory !"

Mass: Justus.

Saint Peter of Alcantara.

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Saint Peter of Alcantara, O.F.M. (Spanish: San Pedro de Alcántara) (1499 – October 18, 1562), was a Spanish Franciscan Friar Canonised in 1699.

He was born at Alcántara, Province of Cáceres, Extremadura, Spain. His father, Peter Garavita, was the Governor of Alcántara, and his mother was of the noble family of Sanabia. He decided to join The Franciscans at the age of sixteen. Shortly after, he was sent to University in Salamanca by his stepfather.

Returning home, he became a Franciscan Friar of The Stricter Observance in the Friary at Manxaretes, Extremadura, Spain, in 1515. At the age of twenty-two, he was sent to Found a new Community of The Stricter Observance at Badajoz. He was ordained a Priest in 1524, and, the following year, was appointed Guardian of the Friary of Saint Mary of the Angels, at Robredillo, Old Castile.

Saint Peter of Alcantara.

A few years later, he began Preaching with much success. He preferred to Preach to The Poor; his Sermons, taken largely from The Prophets and Sapiential Books, breathe the tenderest human sympathy. At the time Peter entered The Order, the reform of "The Discalced Friars" consisted of the Custody of The Friaries in Spain and Santa Maria Pietatis, in Portugal, all subject to The Minister General of The Observants.

He was a man of remarkable austerity and poverty, who travelled throughout Spain Preaching the Gospel to The Poor. He wrote a Treatise on Prayer and Meditation, which was considered a masterpiece by Saint Teresa of Avila, Saint Francis de Sales, and Louis of Granada.

While in Prayer and Contemplation, he was often seen in ecstasies and levitation. On his deathbed, he was offered a glass of water, which he refused, saying: "Even my Lord Jesus Christ thirsted on The Cross". He died while on his knees in Prayer on 18 October 1562 in a Monastery at Arenas (now Arenas de San PedroProvince of Ávila, Old Castile), Spain.

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