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Monday, 14 November 2016

Saint Josaphat. Bishop And Martyr. Feast Day, Today, 14 November.

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Saint Josaphat.
Bishop And Martyr.
Feast Day 14 November.


Red Vestments.

Martyrdom of Josaphat Kuntsevych.
Artist: Józef Simmler (1823–1868).
Date: Circa 1861.
Current location: National Museum in Warsaw, Poland.
(Wikimedia Commons)

A native of Wladimir, in Volhynia (then Poland, now Ukraine), and belonging to a noble family, Josaphat Kuncewitcz embraced Monastic Life in The Order of Saint Basil. He always kept fresh the flower of his Chastity, which he had from his youth Consecrated to Mary.

Commissioned in spite of his early age to govern the Monastery of Bytene, he became shortly afterwards Archimandrite of Vilna and, lastly, very much against his wish, Archbishop of Polotzk, of The Ruthenian Rite.

The Apostolic zeal of the youthful Archbishop excited against him the hatred of Hell. Attacked at Vitebsk by the Schismatics, he was cruelly put to death in 1623, and obtained from God the conversion of his murderers.

Mass: Gaudeámus omnes in Domino.

The Basilica of Saint Josaphat,
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States of America.
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Josaphat Kuntsevych, O.S.B.M., (1580 – 12 November 1623) (Belarusian: Язафат Кунцэвіч, Jazafat Kuncevič, Polish: Jozafat Kuncewicz, Ukrainian: Йосафат Кунцевич, Josafat Kuntsevych) was a Monk and Archeparch (Archbishop) of The Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, who was killed at Vitebsk,[a] Vitebsk Voivodeship, in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth (now in Belarus), on

12 November 1623. He is "the best-known victim" of sectarian violence related to implementing The Union of Brest, and is declared a Martyr and Saint of The Catholic Church.

The Order of Saint Basil the Great (O.S.B.M. Latin: Ordo Sancti Basilii Magni, Portuguese: Ordem de São Basílio Magno, Ukrainian: Чин Святого Василія Великого, Chyn Sviatoho Vasyliia Velykoho), also known as The Basilian Order of Saint Josaphat, is a Monastic Religious Order of The Greek Catholic Church that is present in many Countries and that has its Mother House in Rome (Santi Sergio e Bacco degli Ucraini).

The Order received approbation on 20 August 1631. Its Monks, Brothers, and Priests, work primarily with Ukrainian Catholics and are also present in other Greek-Catholic Churches in Central and Eastern Europe.

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