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Friday, 4 November 2016

When Men Wore Hats. District Nurses Rode Bicycles. Roads Were Devoid Of Yellow Lines. And People Said "Good-Morning" To Fellow Passengers On The Local Bus.

Happy Days.
Illustration: OLD BUS PHOTOS

Happy Days, again.
Illustration: OLD BUS PHOTOS


  1. I've missed some good posts here, sorry. The Stained glass windows, sewing lesson and buses are really interesting.

    The Maidstone & District buses dominated my young life - it took one over 2.5 hours to drive the 50+ miles from Sheerness to Victotia.

  2. Hi, John. Good to hear from you. Maidstone and District, eh ? I've travelled on their Charabancs a few times !!! I have previously attended Mass at Saint Henry and Saint Elizabeth, Sheerness, as well. Didn't see you, though. Plus, did you ever visit Butterworth, Malaya ?

  3. We were married there, and I went to the school of the same name (changed now). Left Sheerness in 1959!

    No I never made Butterworth, but I had two pals (Victor Tuan and Said Mustaffa) who flew out of there with the Malaysian Air Force


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