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Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Saint Lucy (Santa Lucia). Virgin And Martyr. Feast Day 13 December.

Text from The Saint Andrew Daily Missal,
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Saint Lucy (Santa Lucia).
Virgin. Martyr.
Feast Day 13 December.


Red Vestments.

Saint Lucy Before The Judge.
Artist: Lorenzo Lotto (1523–1532).
Source: Scanned from book.
This File: 26 February 2011.
User: Sailko.
(Wikimedia Commons)

Lucia Di Siracusa
(Lucy of Syracuse).
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English: Procession of Light,
on The Feast Day of Saint Lucy
(Santa Lucia) in Sweden.
Deutsch: Luciafeier in einer schwedischen Kirche.
Photo: 13 December 2006.
Source: Own work.
Author: Claudia Gründer.
(Wikimedia Commons)

Born in Sicily towards the end of the 3rd-Century A.D., of noble origin, Saint Lucy, as the Gospel twice reminds us, gave away all her riches to the Poor and, when she had nothing more, she gave herself to Jesus (Epistle).

Whilst The Foolish Virgins neglected to fill their lamps with the "Oil of Gladness", of which the Introit speaks, Lucy, whose name signifies "Light", waited with her lighted lamp in hand, that is, with her Soul filled with Grace, the coming of her Spouse.

Feast Day of Saint Lucy
(Santa Lucia).
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Saint Lucy.
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"Pure hearts are the Temples of The Holy Ghost," she declared to her judge. It is this Spirit, also symbolised by the "Oil of Gladness", as we are told in The Ceremonies of Maundy Thursday, an Oil that gave suppleness and strength to her Soul in such a miraculous way, that Saint Lucy resisted her executioners unto death rather than lose the treasure of her Virginity.

Wherefore, her name occurs in The Canon of The Mass (Second List), and is repeated every day by thousands of Priests, who glorify God in her. She died in 303 A.D.

The lighted lamp in hand is the Soul in a state of Grace; let us, in this Season of Advent, wait for the Spouse who will soon come.

Mass: Dilexisti.
Commemoration: Of The Octave.
Gospel:  Simile est.
Preface: Of The Blessed Virgin Mary.

Saint Lucy
(Santa Lucia).
Artist: Francesco del Cossa (1436–1487).
Date: After 1470.
Current location; National Gallery of Art,
Washington D.C., United States of America.
Source/Photographer: Digital photo by User:Postdlf.
(Wikimedia Commons)

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Lucia of Syracuse (283 A.D. - 304 A.D.), known as Saint Lucy, or Saint Lucia (Italian : Santa Lucia), was a young Christian Martyr, who died during The Diocletian Persecution . She is Venerated as a Saint by The Roman Catholic, Anglican, Lutheran, and Orthodox Churches.

She is one of eight women, who, along with The Blessed Virgin Mary, are Commemorated by name in The Canon of The Mass . Her Feast Day, known as Saint Lucy's Day, is Celebrated in The West on 13 December. Saint Lucia of Syracuse, was honoured in The Middle Ages and remains a well-known Saint in modern England.



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