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Tuesday, 6 December 2016

The Greatest Gift That You Can Give, To Somebody Who Has Died, Is To Have A Mass Said For Them. When In Purgatory, They Can Do Nothing For Themselves. But You Can.

English: A Requiem Mass for King Louis XVI
and The Martyrs of The French Revolution.
Strasbourg Cathedral, France.
Français: Strasbourg crypte de la cathédrale Notre Dame,
messe de Requiem à la mémoire du roy Louis XVI
et des martyrs de la Révolution française.
Photo: 19 January 2013.
Source: Own work.
(Wikimedia Commons)

Faure Requiem Op.48 / Durufle Requiem Op.9.
Robert Shaw (Conductor), Atlanta Symphony Orchestra and Chorus.
Judith Blegen (Soprano), James Morris (Baritone).
Available on YouTube at

"Dies Irae".
The Sequence for a Latin Requiem Mass.
This is a rendition of the famous 13th-Century Latin Catholic Hymn, "Dies Irae"
("Day of Wrath") about The Second Coming of Christ and Judgment Day).
This rendition is off the 1994 CD, "Ego sum Ressurectio".
Available on YouTube at

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