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Thursday, 12 January 2017

Saint Bernard Of Corleone (1605-1667). Feast Day, Today, 12 January.

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English: Saint Bernard of Corleone.
Polski: Święty Bernard Corleone.
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"Paradise ! Paradise ! Paradise !

O, Blessed are the Disciplines,

Blissful the Night-Watches !

Blessed the Penances,

the Self-Will sacrificed !

O, the Blessing of Fasting,

and Acts of Obedience !

How great is the
Blessing of Religious Life
well lived ! "

Last words of Saint Bernard of Corleone.

Iona Abbey,

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Saint Bernard of Corleone, O.F.M. Cap., is a Catholic Saint, who was born in the Town of Corleone, in The Kingdom of Sicily, on 6 February 1605. His name was Filippo Latino, before becoming a Friar. His father was a Shoemaker, and Bernard learned this trade. After the death of his father, he became a Soldier and took up Fencing, becoming skilled in the art.

While in the Army, he displayed a fiery temper and was quick to challenge men to a duel. His only fault, in the words of two witnesses at his Beatification process, was that "he was quick to draw his Sword at the slightest provocation." His life was not noted for its moral content and he had quite a reputation.

Though not particularly Devout, he would defend old people and other helpless and defenseless persons against violence. He frequently made visits to a local Crucifix, and provided that a Lamp be kept burning before it. He was a Devotee of Saint Francis of Assisi.

Illustration: DICCON BEWES

In 1624, when Filippo was nineteen, he became involved in a duel, which cost his opponent his arm. This incident was witnessed by many, and caused an uproar, and Filippo was nicknamed "the Finest Blade in Sicily". To escape from the man's avengers, he sought refuge with The Capuchin Franciscans.

While staying with the Friars, Bernard began to reflect on his past life and to repent of his life of anger and violence. He appealed for admission to The Capuchins as a Lay Brother, and on 13 December 1632, he entered their Novitiate. His Devotion became very severe: Seven times a day he scourged himself, drawing blood; His sleep was limited to three hours a night on a narrow board, with a block of wood under his head; He Fasted for the most part on bread and water. If other food was given to him, he would place the food in his mouth, to whet his appetite, and then take it out, without consuming it.

During his entire Religious Life, he would wear the most-worn Habits available in The Friary and slept in the most uncomfortable Cell in The House. One result of this, was that he suffered from rheumatism for much of his later life. He worked long hours during the day, and had a special concern for the sick, growing into a man known for his gentleness and compassion.

Bernard had a strong Devotion to The Blessed Virgin Mary, and encouraged others in this Devotion. His biographers claim that Mary appeared to him and placed Jesus, as an Infant, in his arms. It is also claimed that She gave him knowledge of the day of his death, four months in advance. He died at Palermo, Sicily, on 12 January 1667, a few weeks short of his Sixty-Second Birthday.

His Funeral Procession was extensive, due to his fame as a Holy Man. Numerous Miracles reportedly occurring at his Grave, and recorded by historians of The Church, promoted the cause of his Beatification by Pope Clement XIII in 1767, and, later, Canonisation by Pope Saint John Paul II in 2001.


  1. One of my favorite saints! May we both be saved through his prayers!

  2. "Amen" to that.

    Thank you for your Prayerful good wishes.


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