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Thursday, 19 January 2017

Saint Canute IV. King And Martyr. Feast Day, Today, 19 January.

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Saint Canute IV.
King and Martyr.
Feast Day 19 January.


Red Vestments.

The death of Saint Canute IV of Denmark,
in the Church of Saint Albanus (1086).
Author: Christian Albrecht von Benzon (1816 - 1849).
Date: 1843.
This File: 21 February 2006.
(Wikimedia Commons)

Saint Canute, having ascended the Throne of Denmark (1080-1086), ardently endeavoured to spread The Faith in his Kingdom. His Charity, and his zeal for Religion, soon made him enemies, who put him to death while he was Praying at the foot of the Altar in the Church of Saint Alban.

God made manifest the Holiness of His servant by numerous Miracles wrought at his tomb.

Mass: In virtúte tua.

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Canute IV (Circa 1042 – 10 July 1086), later known as Canute The Holy (Danish: Knud IV den Hellige) or Saint Canute (Sankt Knud), was King of Denmark from 1080 until 1086. Canute was an ambitious King who sought to strengthen The Danish Monarchy, devotedly supported The Roman Catholic Church, and had designs on The English Throne.

Slain by rebels in 1086, he was the first Danish King to be Canonised. He was recognised by The Roman Catholic Church as Patron Saint of Denmark in 1101.



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