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Friday, 27 January 2017

Saint John Chrysostom. Bishop. Confessor. Doctor Of The Church. Feast Day 27 January. With Saint Athanasius, Saint Gregory Of Nazianzen, Saint Basil, He Forms The Four Great Doctors Of The Eastern Church.

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Saint John Chrysostom.
Bishop. Confessor.
   Doctor Of The Church.

Feast Day 27 January.


White Vestments.

Portrait of Saint John Chrysostom of Antioch (Hagios Ioannis Chrysostomos).
An Early-Byzantine mosaic from the Cathedral of Hagia Sophia,
Constantinople (modern Istanbul, Turkey).
The mosaic is approximately 1,000 years old.
This File: 5 February 2011.
User: Ch.Andrew.
(Wikimedia Commons)

Saint John Chrysostom, born at Antioch towards 347 A.D., was a great genius and his powerful eloquence earned for him the surname of Chrysostom, or "Golden Mouthed". [Editor: Note that Saint Bernard of Clairvaux also earned the soubriquet of "Mellifluous", or "Honey-Tongued".] The people of Constantinople, eager to hear him, crowded his Cathedral.

He ardently loved Saint Paul, of whom he would say: "The heart of Paul is The Heart of Christ." He also passionately loved Christ, and, like the great Apostle, he suffered everything rather than allow His Divine Rights to be impaired.

With Saint Athanasius, Saint Gregory of Nazianzen, and Saint Basil, he forms the group of The Four Great Doctors Of The Eastern Church (Introit).

Liturgy of Saint John Chrysostom from Valaam Monastery,
From Wikipedia - the free encyclopaedia:
Valaam Monastery, or Valamo Monastery,
is a Stauropegic Orthodox Monastery in Russian Karelia,
located on Valaam,  the largest island in Lake Ladoga, the largest lake in Europe.
Available on YouTube at

Anointed Archbishop of The Imperial City, he always distributed to those, whose father he had become, The Bread of The Word and of Grace (Communion).

His courage in branding vice, "in correcting in Season and out of Season" (Epistle), in order always to be The Salt of Wisdom, which preserves Souls from corruption (Gospel), caused him to be exiled and ill-treated in all manner of ways (Alleluia).

English: Saint John Chrysostom confronting Aelia Eudoxia,
in a 19th-Century painting by Jean-Paul Laurens.
French: Saint Jean Chrysostome et l'Impératrice Eudoxie.
Date: 1893.
Artist: Jean-Paul Laurens (1838–1921).
(Wikimedia Commons)

He died a victim of those sufferings, at Comana, Pontus [Editor: Modern-day Turkey], on
14 September 407 A.D. The Anniversary of The Translation of his Relics, under the Emperor Theodore II in 438 A.D., is 27 January.

Let us love to hear The Divine Word, and let us keep it in our hearts, so that our lives reflect The Life of God.

Mass: In Médio.

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