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Thursday, 16 February 2017

The Recent Guild Of Saint Clare Sewing Retreat Was A Huge Success.

This Article is taken from, and can be read in full at, GUILD OF SAINT CLARE

Illustration: JOSEPH SHAW (FLICKR)

Guild of Saint Clare Sewing Retreat: Report.

Our first ever Sewing Retreat finished, recently, and I,. for one (writes a Founding Member), enjoyed myself enormously. With snow falling outside over the panoramic views of the Oxfordshire countryside, an infinite supply of tea and biscuits, and good company, what could be more agreeable than a weekend of sewing, punctuated by Traditional Liturgy ?

Fr Richard Biggerstaff set the tone with his delightful and perceptive talks on Service (represented by the Amice), Authority (represented by the Stole), and the Distraction of the Laity (represented by the Chasuble).

He Celebrated Mass each day, as well as Compline and Benediction. He brought his own Vestments, including a beautiful Humeral Veil, with the Pelican in her Piety embroidered on it.

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