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Monday, 3 July 2017

Metropolitan Cathedral-Basilica Of The Nativity Of Saint Mary, Milan, Italy. Basilica Cattedrale Metropolitana Di Santa Maria Nascente, Milano.

English: Milan Cathedral.
Italiano: Milano - Duomo.
Photo: February 2009.
Source: Own work.
Author: MarkusMark.
(Wikimedia Commons)

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Milan Cathedral (Italian: Duomo di Milano; Lombard: Domm de Milan) is The Cathedral Church of Milan, Italy. Dedicated to Saint Mary of The Nativity (Santa Maria Nascente), it is The Seat of The Archbishop of Milan, currently Cardinal Angelo Scola. The Gothic Cathedral took nearly six Centuries to complete. It is the second-largest Church in Italy, after Saint Peter's Basilica in Rome, and the third-largest in the World.

Milan's layout, with streets either radiating from The Duomo or encircling it, reveals that The Duomo occupies what was the most central site in Roman Mediolanum, that of the public Basilica facing The Forum.

The first Cathedral, the "new Basilica" (Basilica Nova), Dedicated to Saint Thecla, was completed by 355 A.D. It seems to share, on a slightly smaller scale, the Plan of the contemporaneous Church recently re-discovered beneath Tower Hill in London. An adjoining Basilica was erected in 836 A,D. The old Octagonal Baptistery, the Battistero Paleocristiano, dates to 335 A.D., and still can be visited under The Milan Cathedral. When a fire damaged the Cathedral and Basilica in 1075, they were rebuilt as The Duomo.

Saint Ambrose barring Emperor Theodosius I from Milan Cathedral.
Artist: Anthony van Dyck (1599–1641).
Date: 1619.
Current location: National Gallery, London.
(Wikimedia Commons)

English: The Metropolitan Cathedral-Basilica of The Nativity of Saint Mary, Milan, Italy.
Italiano: Interno del Duomo di Milano.
Photo: 1 January 2000.
Source: Own work.
Author: Paolo da Reggio.
(Wikimedia Commons)

Milan Cathedral, Italy.
Photo: 31 December 2005.
Source: Own work.
Author: Mikko Virtaperk.
(Wikimedia Commons)

English: Stained-Glass Window, 
Milan Cathedral, Italy.
Italiano: Giovanni Battista Bertini (1799-1849) e Giuseppe Bertini (1825-1898),
vetrata (1833-62) dell'abside del Duomo di Milano.
Photo: 14 July 2007
Source: Own work.
Author: G.dallorto.
(Wikimedia Commons)

Stained-Glass Window,
Milan Cathedral, Italy.
Photo: 18 September 2013.
Source: Own work.
Author: Max_Ryazanov.
(Wikimedia Commons)

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