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Saturday, 15 July 2017

The Little Ones Say: "Dziękuję, Polska".

This Article was first Posted in July 2016.

Text is from LIFE INSTITUTE.

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The mainstream media is forever telling the public that ABORTION is an essential aspect of women’s “healthcare”. They insist that ABORTION be legalised and readily provided by the government. In their eyes, there is no way to stop or slow the steady stream of ABORTIONS and nor do they even wish to.

They would rather that the experience of Poland was not shared, since it demonstrates how faulty their logic is. Poland had been a persistent thorn in the side of the pro-ABORTION lobby as it has made clear that, not only does a modern Nation not need ABORTION, but also that it is possible for a Country to pull itself back from the grip of ABORTION-on-demand and provide better answers for women and their babies.

English: 500.000 signatures !!!
The success of the STOP ABORTION Action 2016.
Polski: 500 tysięcy podpisów! Sukces akcji STOP ABORCJI 2016.
Français: Le succès de l'action ARRET AVORTEMENT en 2016.
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Poland is currently known for being a Pro-Life Country with effective and life-saving Pro-Life laws. However, this has not always been the case. Poland was first forced to submit to a policy of legal ABORTION-on-demand when the Country was under the control of Adolf Hitler in 1943. Martin Bormann, Hitler’s private secretary said, “The Slavs are to work for us. In so far as we do not need them, they may die. Slav fertility is not desirable.”

Following the Second World War, legalised ABORTION was once again imposed on the Polish under the Communist rule of Josef Stalin in 1956. By 1960, there were more than 150,000 ABORTIONS a year being performed in Poland.

Sibling snuggles: Ivanka Trump shared this sweet image of her children Arabella, four,
Joseph, two, and two-month-old Theodore James, in May 2016.
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Poland saw 123,500 ABORTIONS in 1987, 59,500 in 1990, 11,500 in 1992, 1,200 in 1993, 559 in 1995 and 491 in 1996. Sceptics and ABORTION activists predicted that this would lead to increased maternal death, increased infanticide, and other social ills. However, these predictions have not come true. Poland is a prime example, like Ireland, that it is possible to be both a modern Country and still protect innocent human life.

Now, Poland looks set to completely ban ABORTION, as Pro-Life activists have gathered more than 375,000 signatures for a Petition which should end up in a Parliamentary Vote.

Poland is a powerful reminder of why it is essential to continue to fight to preserve the Pro-Life heart of one’s Country.

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