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Sunday, 6 August 2017

Chief Exorcist, Father Amorth: Padre Pio Said That The Third Secret Of Fatima Was About A “False Church” In The End Times.

Attribution of Floral Background:


In a recent Article on "The Secret of Fatima”, Steve Skojec, the Founder and Editor of "OnePeterFive", published, for the first time in the English language, words from Rome’s Chief Exorcist, Father Gabriele Amorth (+ 2016), about Saint Padre Pio and his knowledge of The Third Secret of Fatima.

They come from a newly-published book, written by José María Zavala, entitled "The Best-Kept Secret of Fatima" (El Sécreto Mejor Guardado de Fátima).

Zavala interviewed Father Amorth in 2011, and was instructed to keep the interview secret until after the Exorcist’s death.

The Article can be read in full at CATHOLICISM PURE AND SIMPLE

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