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Wednesday, 7 February 2018

" By Timothy ! " "The Coronation Scot". Redolent Of Paul Temple, Amateur Private Detective. The London, Midland, And Scottish Railway. London - Glasgow In 6½ Hours.

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"Coronation Scot".
The Theme Music to the Wireless Programme,
"Paul Temple. Amateur Private Detective."
Composer: Vivian Ellis.
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Paul Temple is a fictional character, created by English writer Francis Durbridge (1912–1998). Temple is a professional author of crime fiction and an amateur private detective. Together with his journalist wife, Louise, affectionately known as Steve, after her pen name "Steve Trent", he solves whodunnit crimes through subtle, humorously articulated deduction. Always the gentleman, the strongest oath he ever utters is: "By Timothy".

Created for the BBC radio serial "Send for Paul Temple", in 1938, the Temples have featured in over thirty BBC radio dramas, twelve serials for German radio, four British feature films, a dozen novels, and a BBC television series. A Paul Temple comic strip ran in The London Evening News Newspaper from the Mid-1950s to the Early-1960s.

Paul Temple and The Margo Mystery.
Available on YouTube at


  1. John, you have SUCH dulcet tones !!! I bet you regale Pat over a candlelit Dinner every evening.

    I just knew that you'd be aware of Paul Temple's theme tune. Delighted you approve.

  2. It is difficult to sing to Pat whilst I'm playing the violin ... it often makes me drop the bagpipes

  3. Oh, John !!!

    You're letting the side down. You KNOW that Pat will say that "Men just CANNOT Multi-Task".

    Plus, I've heard from other Sources (No Names, No Pack-Drill) that your Crescendo is to DIE FOR !!!

    WHOO !!!


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