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Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Saint Gervase And Saint Protase. Martyrs. Feast Day 19 June.

Text from The Saint Andrew Daily Missal,
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Saint Gervase And Saint Protase. 
   Feast Day 19 June.


Red Vestments.

Saints Gervasius and Protasius, detail from The Apparition to Saint Ambrose.
Artist: Philippe de Champaigne (1602–1674).
Date: 1658.
Source: Own work.
(Wikimedia Commons)

Sons of Saint Vitalis and Saint Valeria, these two Saints were Martyred under Emperor Nero at Milan (1st-Century A.D.). Saint Gervase was beaten  to death, and Saint Protase, after having been scourged, was beheaded.

Saint Ambrose discovered their bodies in 368 A.D.

Their names are included in The Litany of The Saints.

Mass: Loquétur Dominus.
Collects: Of The Mass: Salus Autem, but the names of the Saints are omitted in The Secret.

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Saints Gervasius and Protasius (also Saints Gervase and Protase, Gervasis and Prothasis, and, in French, Gervais and Protais) are Venerated as Christian Martyrs, probably of the 2nd-Century A.D 

They are the Patron Saintsof Milan and of Hay Makers, and are invoked for the discovery of thieves. Their Feast Day in The Latin Rite of The Catholic Church is 19 June, the day marking the Ttranslation of their Relics.

In The Eastern Orthodox Church and in The Eastern Rites of The Catholic Church, their Feast takes place on 14 October (O.S.)/24 October (N.S.), the Traditional day of their death. In Christian iconography their emblems are The Scourge, The Club and The Sword.

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