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Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Saint Juliana Falconieri (1270-1340). Virgin. Feast Day 19 June.

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Saint Juliana Falconieri.
   Feast Day 19 June.


White Vestments.

Born at Florence, Italy, in 1270, of the illustrious family of Falconieri, Juliana, from childhood, gave such signs of Holiness that her uncle, Saint Alexis Falconieri, declared to her mother that she had given birth to an Angel. Never in the course of her life did she raise her eyes to look at a man's face, and to hear sin spoken of made her tremble (Introit).

At the age of fifteen, she Solemnly Consecrated her Virginity to God (Epistle, Gospel). "O, Juliana, only longing for the nuptials of the Heavenly Lamb, you leave your paternal roof and conduct a Choir of Virgins. You sigh night and day for the sorrows of your Spouse, nailed to The Cross, and you shed tears at the feet of The Mother of God, whose heart is pierced by Seven Swords." [Hymn at First Vespers.]

English: The Basilica Santissima Annunziata, Florence, Italy.
Saint Juliana Falconieri's major Shrine is in this Basilica.
Italiano: Basilica della santissima annunziata.
Photo: 3 June 2007.
Source: Own work.
Author: sailko.
(Wikimedia Commons)

Having Founded The Order of Mantellate [They were called Mantellate on account of the short Mantle they wore], she was asked by Saint Philip Beniti to take charge of the whole Order of Servites, which honours in a special manner The Sorrows of The Virgin.

On two days a week her only food was The Bread of Angels. At the age of seventy, not being able to retain any food, she lamented the impossibility of receiving Holy Communion. She asked that at least The Blessed Sacrament should be held near her heart and The Sacred Bread miraculously disappeared, leaving an impression in the shape of a Host representing the image of Jesus crucified (Collect). She then breathed her last and was joyfully conducted to The Throne of The Divine King (Gradual). It was 19 June 1341.

Let us beseech The Holy Ghost to grant that we may, like Saint Juliana, be nourished and strengthened in our agony by The Body of Christ, Which will be our viaticum to The Heavenly Home (Collect).

Mass: Dilexisti.
Commemoration of Saint Gervase and Saint Protase. Martyrs.

This 1883 Church is Listed in The National Register of Historic Places.
Photo: 4 September 2010.
Source: Own work.
Author: Ammodramus.
(Wikimedia Commons)

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Juliana Falconieri, O.S.M., (1270 – 19 June 19, 1341) was the Italian Foundress of The Religious Sisters of The Third Order of Servites (or The Servite Tertiaries).

The Servite Order was approved by Pope Martin V in 1420. Pope Benedict XIII recognised the devotion long paid to her and granted The Servites permission to Celebrate The Feast of The Blessed Juliana. Pope Clement XII Canonised her in 1737, and extended the Celebration of her Feast Day,
19 June, to The Entire Church. Saint Juliana is usually represented in The Habit of her Order, with a Host upon her breast. Truly, a most excellent Saint.

Saint Juliana Falconieri was Beatified on 26 July 1678, in Rome, The Papal States, by His Holiness Pope Innocent XI.

She was Canonised on 16 June 1737, in Rome, The Papal States, by His Holiness Pope Clement XII.

Her major Shrine is in the Basilica of The Santissima Annunziata, Florence, Italy.

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