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Monday, 19 August 2019

Saint John Eudes. Confessor. Feast Day, Today, 19 August.

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Saint John Eudes.
   Feast Day 19 August.


White Vestments.

English: Portrait of Saint John Eudes.
Nederlands: Portret Jean Eudes ca. 1673 - publiek domein, ouderdom.
This File: 4 March 2011.
User: Mathiasrex
(Wikimedia Commons)

Saint John Eudes and The Immaculate Heart of Mary.
Available on YouTube at

Born at Rye, France, on 14 November 1601, Saint John Eudes had a special Devotion to The Blessed Virgin from his very childhood. At the age of fourteen, he Consecrated himself to her by a Vow of Perpetual Chastity.

On Christmas Day, 1625, he was Ordained Priest; in 1643, he Founded The Congregation of Jesus and Mary, usually known as "Eudists", and, in 1644, The Congregation of The Sisters of Our Lady of Charity, known as The Sisters of The Good Shepherd.

English: Church of Saint John Eudes, Caen, France.
Français: Église Saint-Jean Eudes à Caen, construite entre 1933 et 1944.
Photo: 25 September 2008.
Source: Own work.
Author: Karldupart
(Wikimedia Commons)

Saint John Eudes Founded several Seminaries and Preached many Missions in France, but his grandest title is that given him by Pope Saint Pius X: "Father, Doctor, and Apostle of The Liturgical Worship of The Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary."

He died on 19 August 1680 at Caen, France. He was Beatified on 25 April 1909 by Pope Saint Pius X, and, on 31 May 1925 was Canonised Pope Pius XI.

Mass: Os justi.
Commemoration: The Octave of The Assumption.

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