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Monday, 18 June 2018

Saint Ephrem. Deacon. Confessor. Doctor Of The Church. Feast Day 18 June.

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Saint Ephrem.
   Deacon. Confessor.
   Doctor of The Church.
   Feast Day 18 June.


White Vestments.

English: Roumanian Icon of Saint Ephrem-the-Syrian.
Français: Photo d'une icône roumaine de St Ephrem le Syrien (diacre et docteur de l'Eglise dit "La Harpe de l'Esprit" ou encore "La cithare de Marie"), icône écrite par une sœur orthodoxe près d'Oradea en avril 2005, prise de vue par Geoffroy Blanc (le propriétaire de l'icône).
Date: 7 June 2006 (original upload date).
Source: Transferred from fr.wikipedia
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Author: Original uploader was Troubageoff at fr.wikipedia
(Wikimedia Commons)

Newly-excavated Church of Saint Jacob (`Idto d-Mor Y`aqub),
in Nisibis, Turkey, where Saint Ephrem taught and ministered.
Photograph by Gareth Hughes.
Photo: 12 April 1999.
Source: Own work assumed (based on Copyright claims).
Author: Garzo assumed (based on Copyright claims).
(Wikimedia Commons)

Saint Ephrem was born in Nisibis, Mesopotamia, and was one of the Lights of The Church (Gospel). His father, a pagan priest, cast him out of his home. He then went as a Hermit in the desert and was Ordained Deacon of Edessa (Communion).

Led by The Holy Ghost to Caesarea, in Cappadocia, he there met Saint Basil. In order to refute the numerous errors which were being spread by the prayers and canticles of the Heretics, he wrote poems and Christian Hymns, celebrating the Mysteries of The Lives of Christ, The Blessed Virgin Mary, and The Saints. That is why he is called "The Harp of The Holy Ghost". He always had a great devotion to Our Lady.

He died at Edessa in 375 A.D., under the Emperor Valens. Pope Benedict XV proclaimed him a Doctor of The Universal Church (Collect).

Let us ask God, through the intercession of Saint Ephrem, to defend His Church against the snares of error and wickedness (Collect).

Mass: In médio.
Commemoration of Saint Mark and Saint Marcellianus. Martyrs.

Friday, 15 June 2018

Saint Vitus. Saint Modestus. Saint Crescentia. Martyrs. Feast Day 15 June.

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Saint Vitus. Saint Modestus. Saint Crescentia. 
   Feast Day 15 June.


Red Vestments.

The Martyrdom of Saint Vitus, Saint Modestus, and Saint Crescentia,
from a 14th-Century Manuscript.
Author: Richard de Montbaston.
(Wikimedia Commons)

Saint Vitus, also called Guy, belonged to an illustrious Sicilian family. His father, learning that he had been Baptised, delivered him to the Judge, Valerian, to be scourged, but he was struck blind.

The Prayers of the Saint obtained his recovery, but did not convert him. Saint Vitus was then saved from his father's cruelty by Saint Modestus, his tutor, and by Saint Crescentia, his nurse, who took him to another part of the country.

There, his Holiness became so famous that Emperor Diocletian had recourse to him to deliver his son, who was tormented by the devil. Guy healed him (Gospel). But, the ungrateful Price (Diocletian), having failed to induce the Saint to Worship the false gods, caused him to be arrested with Saint Modestus and Saint Crescentia.

They were plunged into a cauldron of molten lead and flaming resin and were then quartered. After having tested them like Gold in the furnace (Epistle), God delivered the from all these sufferings (Introit)  and rejoiced them by giving them a place of honour at The Heavenly Banquet (Gradual). They died in 303 A.D.

Saint Vitus is one of The Fourteen Auxiliary Saints.

Let us have recourse to Saint Guy (Vitus), to be preserved from the bite of the mad dogs and from the sad disease which bears his name [Editor: Saint Vitus' Dance]. He will obtain for us great docility towards The Holy Ghost, in order that we do good in all Liberty, Humility, and Charity (Collect).

Mass: Multae tribulationes.
Mass (in Paschaltide): Sancti tui.

English: Church of Saint Vitus, Libědice, Czech Republic.
Čeština: Kostel sv. Víta (Libědice), Libědice
Photo: 8 September 2013.
Source: Own work.
Author: Pavel Kinšt.
(Wikimedia Commons)

Thursday, 14 June 2018

Saint Basil The Great. Bishop. Confessor. Doctor Of The Church. Feast Day 14 June.

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Saint Basil the Great.
   Bishop. Confessor.
   Doctor of The Church.


White Vestments.

English: The Fathers of The Church: Saint Basil of Caesarea; Saint John Chrysostom;
Saint Gregory of Nazianzen - an icon of the 17th-Century from Lipie Museum, Sanok, Poland.
Polski: Ojcowie Kościoła: św. Bazyli Wielki, św. Jan Chryzostom, św. Grzegorz z Nazjanzu
– ikona z XVII wieku, pochodząca z Lipia, miejsce ekspozycji - Muzeum Historyczne
w Sanoku, nr inw. MHS/S/3423.
Date: August 2007.
Source: Own work.
Author: Przykuta.
(Wikimedia Commons)

Saint Basil was born at Caesarea, in Cappadocia. After having completed his studies at Constantinople and Athens with his intimate friend Saint Gregory of Nazianzen, he renounced the World, left his family (Gospel), and embraced Monastic Life in the Province of Pontus.

Like fully-seasoned salt (Gospel), he gave to his teaching the full flavour of the Gospel and nourished with Holy Truth the people of Caesarea committed to his care (Communion).

He was the author of the famous rule which bears his name; it was praised by Saint Benedict and is still observed by the Monks of The East. The Holy Ghost filled him with His Divine Wisdom and with Intelligence (Introit).

When, therefore, he wrote against those who rebelled against the sound Doctrine (Epistle), he attacked the Arians, who denied The Divinity of Jesus Christ, and prepared the triumph of Orthodoxy over the error of the Macedonians by firmly establishing the Catholic Dogma regarding The Holy Ghost.

The Life of Saint Basil the Great.
Available on YouTube at

He is one of the Four Great Doctors of The East. He died in 379 A.D.

Let us ask Saint Basil to fill us with his Faith in The Divinity of The Third Person of The Holy Trinity, and to deliver us from sin (Offertory) which hinders the working of The Holy Ghost in our Souls.

Mass: In médio.

The following Text is from NEW ADVENT

There are Four Great Doctors of The East: Saint Basil the Great; Saint John Chrysostom; Saint Gregory of Nazianzen; Saint Athanasius.

There are Four Great Doctors of The West: Saint Ambrose; Saint Augustine; Saint Jerome; Saint Gregory the Great.

Wednesday, 13 June 2018

"You Are A Priest, Forever." To Every One Of Our Priests . . . Thank You.

"You Are A Priest, Forever".
Sung by Annie Karto.
Song and lyrics: Annie Karto
Video: Margie Sindelar
Available on YouTube at


(Dixit Dominus)
Christ's Exhaltation And Everlasting Priesthood.
A Psalm For David.

The Lord said to my Lord: Sit thou at My Right-Hand:
Until I make thy enemies thy footstool.
The Lord will send forth the sceptre of thy power out of Sion:
rule thou in the midst of thy enemies.

With thee is the principality in the day of thy strength:
in the brightness of the Saints:
from the womb, before The Day Star, I begot thee.

The Lord hath sworn, and he will not repent:
Thou art a Priest forever according to the order of Melchisedech.
The Lord at thy Right-Hand
hath broken Kings in the day of His wrath.

He shall judge among Nations. He shall fill ruins:
He shall crush the heads in The Land of Many.
He shall drink of the torrent in the way:
Therefore shall He lift up the head.

Illustration: VOICE OF TRUTH

Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Masses Of Reparation For The Irish Referendum At Oxford And London.

Illustration: LMS CHAIRMAN

This Article is taken from, and can be read in full at, LMS CHAIRMAN

Masses Of Reparation In Oxford And London.

I'm happy to announce not only a Mass
pro remissione peccatorum
(for the remission of sins) in Oxford,
but also one in London.


SS Gregory and Augustine's.
Friday, 15 June 2018.
6 p.m.
Sung Mass.
SS Gregory and Augustine's,
322, Woodstock Road, Oxford OX2 7NS.


Our Lady of The Assumption.
Wednesday, 4 July 2018.
7 p.m.
Sung Mass.
Our Lady of The Assumption,
10, Warwick Street, London W1B 5LZ.

These Masses are offered
in Reparation for Abortion,
in light of the Irish Referendum result.
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