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Salamanca Cathedral. The Old Cathedral.

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File:Cathedral of Salamanca Romanesque.jpg

"Torre del Gallo" of the 
Romanesque Old Cathedral 
of Salamanca, Spain.
Photo: 15 October 2006.
Source: Flickr.
Author: chicadelatele.
(Wikimedia Commons)

English: View of Salamanca, Spain. 
The Old Cathedral is on the left. The New Cathedral is on the right.
Español: Vista de la ciudad Salamanca desde el parador de turismo.
Photo: 16 April 2008.
Author: Alejandro Flores from Sevilla, Spain.
(Wikimedia Commons)

The Old Cathedral (Spanish: Catedral Vieja de Santa María) is one of two Cathedrals in Salamanca, Spain, the other being the New Cathedral of Salamanca.

It was founded by Bishop Jerome of Périgord, in the 12th-Century and completed in Romanesque/Gothic style in the 14th-Century. It is dedicated to Santa Maria de la Sede (Saint Mary of the See).

The Apse houses a large Cycle of fifty-three Tablets, twelve of which are by the 15th-Century Italian artist, Dello Delli, depicting the life of Jesus and the Virgin Mary. A fresco of the Final Judgement is over them. Juan Francés de Iribarren was organist at the Old Cathedral in 1717–1733.

File:Salamanca retablo catedral vieja lou.JPG

Español: Retablo de la catedral Vieja de Salamanca (España) de 1430-1450. Las obras principales corresponden al artista Italiano Daniel Delli, más conocido como Dello Delli, a él corresponden las 12 primeras tablas, que son sin duda las que mayor calidad tienen. El retablo presenta un ciclo de la vida de la Vírgen María y de Jesucristo. El retablo está presidido por una imagen conocida como la Virgen de la Vega, patrona de la ciudad.
English: Altarpiece in the Old Cathedral of Salamanca, Spain, circa 1430-1450. The works 
are by the Italian artist, Daniel Delli, better known as Dello Delli. The first 12 Tablets 
belong to him and have the best quality. The Altarpiece shows a Cycle in the life of 
the Virgin Mary and Jesus Christ. This Altarpiece is lead by an image, known as 
the Virgin of the Vega, Patron of the city of Salamanca.
Photo: November 2004.
Source: Own work.
(Wikimedia Commons)


The Old Cathedral, Salamanca, Spain.
Photo: 4 July 2009.
Source: Own work.
Author: NVZ2013.
(Wikimedia Commons)

Sebastian de Vivanco's "O Rex Gloriae".
Depicting The Old Cathedral at Salamanca, Spain.
Available on YouTube at

Salamanca Old Cathedral.
A video tour.
Available on YouTube

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