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Friday, 26 December 2014

Lichfield Cathedral’s Beautiful Herkenrode Glass Renovation.

This Article is taken from VIDIMUS
the only on-line magazine devoted to Mediaeval Stained-Glass.

Herkenrode Glass: Update.

A Tracery panel being installed by a member of the Barley Studio team.

We reported in issue 84 that Lichfield Cathedral’s beautiful Herkenrode glass was being readied for re-installation, and we can now bring you the news that installation is under way and going well.

Plain glazing was installed in the window openings when the panels were removed, and the historic glass is now being installed to the inside of this plain glass as part of the isothermal glazing system, meaning that it no longer has to function as a weather shield for the building.

This internally ventilated external protective-glazing system prevents damaging moisture – atmospheric moisture on the outside and condensation on the 
inside – from reaching the original glass


Fig. 2. The re-installation.

A BBC East Midlands Video, on the installation, can be accessed via the 

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