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Friday, 19 December 2014

Parce Mihi Domine. Spare Me, O Lord, For My Days Are Nothing.

Herewith, two versions of Parce Mihi Domine (Spare Me, O Lord) [from The Book of Job 7:16-21].

The first version includes the accompaniment by the Norwegian saxophonist, Jan Garbarek. The second version does not.

See which one you prefer.

Parce Mihi Domine
(Cristóbal de Morales, 1500-1553),
Available on YouTube at

Scroll of The Book of Job, in Hebrew.
Photo: 28 October 2009.
Source: Photographed at a Museum.
Author: Pete unseth.
(Wikimedia Commons)

Parce Mihi Domine
(Cristóbal de Morales, 
Available on YouTube at

Parce Mihi Domine (Latin) (Job 7:16-21).

Parce mihi Domine, nihil enim sunt dies mei.
Quid est homo, quia magnificas eum?
Aut quid apponis erga eum cor tuum?
Visitas cum diluculo, et subito probas illum.
Usquequo non parcis michi, nec dimittas me, ut glutiam salivam meam?
Peccavi. Quid faciam tibi, o custos hominum?
Quare posuisti me contrarium tibi, et factus sum michimet ipsi gravis?
Cur non tollis peccatum meum, et quare non aufers iniquitatem meam?
Ecce nunc in pulvere dormio; et si mane me quesieris, non subsistam.

Parce Mihi Domine (English) (Job 7:16-21).
Spare me, O Lord, for my days are nothing.
What is man, that thou dost make so much of him, and that
thou dost set thy mind upon him,
dost visit him every morning, and test him every moment?
How long wilt thou not look away from me, nor let me alone till I swallow my spittle?
If I sin, what do I do to thee, thou watcher of men? Why hast thou made me thy mark? Why have I become a burden to thee?
Why dost thou not pardon my transgression and take away my iniquity?
For now I shall lie in the earth; thou wilt seek me, but I shall not be.

Parce Mihi Domine (Español) (Job 7:16-21).

Perdóname Señor, porque mis días son un soplo.
¿Qué es el hombre para que le des tanta importancia,
para que pongas en él tu atención,
para que cada mañana lo inspecciones y sin cesar lo pongas a prueba?
¿Hasta cuándo seguirás vigilándome sin darme tregua ni para tragar saliva?
¿Qué daño te hizo mi pecado, guardián de los hombres?
¿Por qué me has convertido en blanco de tus flechas? ¿Por qué he de ser una carga para ti?
¿Por qué no olvidas mi pecado ni pasas por alto mi culpa?
Mira que bien pronto yaceré en la tierra y no me hallarás, aunque me busques.

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