Cloisters of Saint John Lateran, Rome. Source:

Monday, 26 January 2015

Sainte Chapelle, Paris, France. Royal Mediaeval Gothic Chapel.

Sainte Chapelle is a Royal Mediaeval Gothic Chapel, in Paris, France,
and one of the most famous Monuments in the City.
Photo: 5 August 2014.


  1. This is a magnificent chapel. It's just so sad that it is no longer used for worship. and that the relics of the Crucifixion no longer occupy their shrine above the altar.

  2. Isn't it so dispiriting to have such an edifice taken away from The Faithful !!!

    One wonders when, if ever, the "Powers That Be" will allow, permit, encourage, initiate, extol, such edifices, Feasts, Liturgy, Churches, Basilicas, etc, across the World, to be used by The Faithful on a regular basis. In fact, as it used to be before "The Changes".

    One constantly hears of new ventures, from either The Curia, The Pope, The Vatican, or Local Bishops, which TAKE AWAY things.

    One really wonders what their "End-Game or Ultimate Aim or Aspiration" is.


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