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Saturday, 21 February 2015

You Can Always Tell Who's A Catholic. They're The Only Ones Up At Seven O'Clock On A Sunday Morning Going To Mass.

Français: Campagne de France.
English: Napoleon and his Staff returning from Soissons after The Battle of Laon.
日本語: 1814年のフランス戦役でのナポレオン.
Italiano: La campagna di Francia.
中文: 1814年莫斯科戰役.
Suomi: Napoleon käy taisteluun Ranskasta.
Українська: Рік 1814, Жан-Луї-Ернест Мейсон'єр 1864.[1]
1. Jump up↑ Juliette Glikman, Ernest Meissonier, 1814. Campagne de France, Cahiers de la Méditerranée, "Dossier : XVe - XXe siècles - De la tourmente révolutionnaire au traumatisme de 1870 : la fin du Guerrier et l'émergence du soldat", n°83 : "Guerres et guerriers dans l'iconographie et les arts plastiques", 2011, p. 175-186.
Artist: Jean-Louis-Ernest Meissonier (1815–1891).
Current location: (Musée d'Orsay), Paris, France.
Date: 1864.
(Wikimedia Commons)


  1. Boney, on kidnapping the Pope ...When I was in Egypt I was a Muslim, when I am Paris I am a Catholic, and I shall be up at seve.......

  2. How Spooky, John. I never knew that.

    You don't think I was Boney in a previous existence, do you ?


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