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Monday, 1 June 2015

The Sacred Heart Of Jesus.

For the Month of June, please say the following Prayer once each day in honour of Our Lord's Sacred Heart:

O dearest Jesus, Whose Most Amiable Heart excludes not even the greatest sinners if they turn to Thee, grant, we beseech Thee, to me and all penitent sinners, a heart like unto Thine;

That is, a humble heart that even in the midst of temporal honours, loves a hidden life, a life little esteemed by men;

A meek heart that bears with all and seeks to be revenged on no one;

A patient heart that is resigned in adversity and happy even in the midst of most trying circumstances;

A peaceful heart that is ever at peace with others and with itself;

A disinterested heart that is always content with what it has;

A heart that loves Prayer and Prays often and cheerfully;

A heart that only desires that God be known, honoured and loved by all His creatures;

That grieves for nothing except when God is offended;

Despises nothing but sin;

Wishes for nothing but the Glory of God and its neighbour's salvation;

A pure heart that in all things seeks God alone and desires to please Him;

A grateful heart that does not forget, but duly values, the benefits of God;

A strong heart that is daunted by no evil, but bears all adversity for the love of God;

A heart liberal to the poor and compassionate to the suffering Souls in Purgatory;

A well-ordered heart, whose joys and sorrows, desires and aversions,
Nay, whose every motion is regulated according to The Will of God.

~Prayer of Saint Clement Mary Hofbauer, C.S.S.R.

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