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Sunday, 28 June 2015

The Vigil. Feast Of Saint Peter And Saint Paul.

Text from The Saint Andrew Daily Missal,
unless otherwise stated.

The Vigil of The Feast of Saint Peter and Saint Paul.


Violet Vestments.

Saint Peter and Saint Paul.
Artist: El Greco (1541–1614).
Current location: Hermitage Museum,
Saint Petersburg, Russia.
Source/Photographer: Hermitage Torrent.
(Wikimedia Commons)

The Church celebrates, tomorrow, The Feast of the two Apostles who are the two foundations on which she is solidly established (Collect).

"The rigour to which a people subjects itself by certain days of preparation," writes Dom Guéranger, "is a mark of the Faith which it has preserved, showing that it understands  the greatness of the object proposed by The Holy Liturgy for its Worship." ["The Liturgical Year: Vigil of The Holy Apostles".]

Peter raised to his Cross (Introit, Gospel), like Christ rises above the World. He seals in his blood, his confession of Faith (Gospel of tomorrow) and love (Gospel) in Jesus, and henceforth it will be in His Name (Ibid.) and as His Vicar that he will be King of Souls.

Paul, by sharing his labours and Martyrdom, shares his Kingship and his Triumph.

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