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Thursday, 30 July 2015

The Church Of Maria Am Gestade (Saint Mary On The Shore), Vienna, Austria.

English: The High Altar,
Church of Maria am Gestade (Saint Mary on the Shore),
Vienna, Austria.
Deutsch: Hochalter der Wiener Pfarrkirche Maria am Gestade.
Photo: 26 January 2015.
Source: Own work.
Author: Bwag © Bwag/Commons.
(Wikimedia Commons)

The exquisite Tabernacle in the Church of Maria am Gestade (Saint Mary on the Shore),
Vienna, Austria, which features both Gothic and Baroque elements.

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Maria am Gestade (English: Mary on the Shore) is a Gothic Church in Vienna, Austria. One of the oldest Churches in the City — along with Saint Peter's Church and Saint Rupert's Church — it is one of the few surviving examples of Gothic architecture in Vienna. 

The Church was traditionally used by sailors on the Danube River. The name, Maria am Gestade, reflects the former location on the Fluvial Terrace of an arm of the Danube River.

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